Ehh.... Beth Moore has become a kind of litmus test for me. I can't think of anyone who is obsessed with attacking her that is a faithful and reasonable guide in anything else. She is one of those people who for years I was told to be wary of because she was some dangerous false teacher. Then I actually started listening to and reading her and found, while I disagreed with her on several points, she is a serious, devout, and charming sister in Christ.

She is more charismatic than I am but far less than most charismatics. We can and should disagree with our Pentecostal and charismatic brothers and sisters, but they are our brothers and sisters. Likewise with egalitarians. Moore isn't even a full egalitarian.

I think putting her on the same plane as Wolfe or Wilson is bonkers. I would have no problem with my church using Moore's Bible studies, with some words of correction here and there. I would make a serious stink if Wolfe's stuff showed up anywhere.

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Taking on Wee Willie Wolfe and his bilious Christian chauvinism is virtuous, but you do yourself no favors by taking unnecessary potshots at potential allies like Beth Moore. What is needed now is not simply more nitpicking anal sectarianism. Rather we need a welcoming big tent alliance against Trumpism and its allies. Come one, come all. If these moral cretins are trounced in November, then we can certainly go back to the arcane pleasures of fighting among ourselves. But it is a luxury we cannot presently afford. Too much is now at stake.

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