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Yes! For several years I listened to and read almost everything put out by Doug Wilson and James White (and smaller doses of teaching from others in these orbits). I learned much good from these men that I'm thankful for but I eventually realized exactly what you're talking about here. I was NEVER challenged to look inside - either at my own heart, my own family, or my own church. I was constantly being riled up against doctrines and teachers I had little to no real world contact with. It was deeply spiritually unhealthy.

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I truly appreciate your article. It’s a saver. You are spot on regarding the pull to Christian Nationalism by these types. Our family experienced it first hand. It nearly tore our family apart and we had to flee our church. Thank-you for putting your neck out there to warn about this. It is cult like in operation and very ugly. We have deep scars as a result of our brush with it.

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